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Thread: Homebrew PVR (was Beta vs VHS (was language...))
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I found that dedicating a computer for Sagetv/MythTV program, including tuners
is the best way to go.
No virus programs or anything extra in the background.
no firewall
Let my home's router firewall do it's job
I use a motherboard with onboard video but never hook up KVM unless I need to do
some servicing I can't do with remote desktop

Found out a long time ago that PLAYING/WATCHING a program bogs down the CPU
(I wanted to use an old computer that is slow)

HD was easy from hdhomerun
straight writing from lan port to hard drive.
And all my analog TV tuners had hardware encoders built in.
So I could record 4 analog channels and two HD, at the same time, with no problems.
Playing recordings was a different matter.

I did change my lan from 10/100 to gigabit

Video cards are hit and miss when you are looking at cpu usage.
Exact same chipset from two different suppliers will have different cpu usage.
Same with PCIe and AGP
sometime AGP and the right chipset will work better than PCIe
And higher price is not always better.

I went through a lot of tuners, motherboards, video cards, power supplies & hard drives to get what I want that fits my needs.


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