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Thread: Homebrew PVR (was Beta vs VHS (was language...))
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Alex Harford wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 9:25 PM, William Chops Westfield <westfwRemoveMEspamspam_OUTmac.com> wrote:
>>  Hmm.  I suppose the main reason is that I wasn't aware that the DIY
>>  PVRs supported more than one tuner; I thought they were pretty
>>  strapped out just doing compression/etc for a single video stream.
>>  (I see that this got better when tuner cards started including their
>>  own video compression logic.)
> Yup, they can support multiple tuners.  MythTV even supports multiple
> tuners in multiple machines on the network!  So in theory you're only
> limited by the size of your wallet. :)
The big thing is digital TV, if you are recieving digital then the tuner
just spits grabs the 2-12mbytes of data a second out of the air and myth
sticks it on disk. Mythbackend on my 2ghz core2 server uses about 6% of
one CPU when its recording 3 shows. Watching a HD show uses about 60%,
commercial flagging uses around 70%, its getting a little busy when its
commercial flagging 2 shows and we are watching a 3rd but other than the
hard drive light being "on" the only way to tell by is running top.

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We have our commercial flagging running while its recording so we don't
need to manually time skip ;->
>>  I do have a 2.x GHz Celeron Dell 2400 that's idled at the moment;
>>  perhaps I should give things another look...
> That would be perfect for giving Myth a try.  The PVR-150/500 cards
> can be found for relatively cheap nowadays.
That should be fine for standard definition but its borderline for HD i
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Intel onboard graphics work well and the intel driver is open source so
it comes with most distro's out of the box.
There are a few motherboards out there with intel onboard video and HDMI
outputs which make life easy.
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