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Thread: Homebrew PVR (was Beta vs VHS (was language...))
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When I first did my 4 tuner PVR I put it in an old amdxp 2800+
computer and it worked fine.
(been building DIY computers for friends & family for over a decade)
it was noisy, so I put it in the garage, using it just as a server.
I controlled the window's part of it with remote destop:
No keyboard, monitor or mouse.
Really cheap!!

But lately I have been buying motherboards & video cards that have no fans and
power supplies with low noise 120mm fans.
Same with CPU fans
Also I have found 65watt CPUs
add to that very low noise/heat hard drives
All of this from newegg

I just did not want to go water cooled. Too expensive.
Now you can put your ear right next to the computer and can hardly hear any noise at all.

All this well under $500 from newegg. (for a low noise computer only)


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