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Thread: Homebrew PVR (was Beta vs VHS (was language...))
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Check out the ATI cards, for NTSC I have used the original Radeon All in
Wonder, and the 9600 pro. Recently got the HD650 with both analog and HD
tuners, and the HD2400 HD video card that outputs most any signals
including DVI, component, and S-video. This setup works as a PVR
including a remote. Haven't hooked it up to HDTV yet, but on the
monitor, and NTSC through my home network looks OK. Will hook up to my
HDTV's in near future and report quality picture.

I'll start a new thread on how do I distribute the HDTV around the house?

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Subject (change) Homebrew PVR (was Beta vs VHS (was language...))

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