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Thread: Homebrew PVR (was Beta vs VHS (was language...))
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On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 9:25 PM, William Chops Westfield <KILLspamwestfw.....spamspammac.com> wrote:
>  Hmm.  I suppose the main reason is that I wasn't aware that the DIY
>  PVRs supported more than one tuner; I thought they were pretty
>  strapped out just doing compression/etc for a single video stream.
>  (I see that this got better when tuner cards started including their
>  own video compression logic.)

Yup, they can support multiple tuners.  MythTV even supports multiple
tuners in multiple machines on the network!  So in theory you're only
limited by the size of your wallet. :)

>  The other reason is that the "old computers" I have tend to be rather
>  large, noisy, and ugly by living room standards (especially in their
>  "standby" mode (which is "on", right?), compared to an idle VCR.)
>  And "new" computers tend to be rather expensive, even compared to
>  multiple VCRs.  Especially after you add several hundred megabytes of
>  disk. The VCRs have "infinite" storage; just buy (and pile up) more
>  tapes...

I agree with the cost, but the usefulness and time savings of a PVR
tip the scales for me.  And the commercial skipping is fantastic.  If
I do watch a show while it is still broadcasting, I let it go for
about 20 minutes (in a 1hr show) before watching.  That is enough time
for it to skip the commercials, and I can watch it on 1.1x speed.
Myth does pitch shifting so you can watch TV at 1.1x but pitch shifted
back to normal so they don't sound like chipmunks. :D

>  I do have a 2.x GHz Celeron Dell 2400 that's idled at the moment;
>  perhaps I should give things another look...

That would be perfect for giving Myth a try.  The PVR-150/500 cards
can be found for relatively cheap nowadays.

>  (MythTV seems to only support a rather small number of video cards,
>  right?  Grr.)

MythTV supports what Linux does.  NVidia 5200/6200 with svideo or DVI
out seem to be the standard.

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