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Thread: Homebrew PVR (was Beta vs VHS (was language...))
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On Apr 3, 2008, at 12:53 PM, Ray Newman wrote:
> Why don't you just use an old computer and a few tuners to it
> and get better quality and very little wear & tear.
> sagetv.com is what I use with 4 analog tuners and two HD tuners.

Hmm.  I suppose the main reason is that I wasn't aware that the DIY  
PVRs supported more than one tuner; I thought they were pretty  
strapped out just doing compression/etc for a single video stream.  
(I see that this got better when tuner cards started including their  
own video compression logic.)

The other reason is that the "old computers" I have tend to be rather  
large, noisy, and ugly by living room standards (especially in their  
"standby" mode (which is "on", right?), compared to an idle VCR.)  
And "new" computers tend to be rather expensive, even compared to  
multiple VCRs.  Especially after you add several hundred megabytes of  
disk. The VCRs have "infinite" storage; just buy (and pile up) more  

I do have a 2.x GHz Celeron Dell 2400 that's idled at the moment;  
perhaps I should give things another look...

(MythTV seems to only support a rather small number of video cards,  
right?  Grr.)

(Are there any tuner cards that have multiple tuners and a single RF  
(cable) input?  My coax system is ... strained, and keeps driving  
Comcast crazy...)


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