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Thread: Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use
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My web site has some info in English for PICkit 2 Do it yourself fans:

Assembly drawing:
Step by step assembly guide:
Tools you need:
How to find the pin numbers on SMD devices:
Where to find application program for your PICKit 2?
How to calibrate your PICKit 2?
How to trouble-shoot your PICKit 2?
How to make your PICKit 2 working with board/programming interfaces developed for ICD2?
How to program DIP type of PICs with your PICkit 2?

My design are based on SMD (surface mounted devices) technology, even with some enhanced features, the PCB board is slightly smaller than Microchip's layout. Here are a few example of enhanced features: support both USB type-B and Mini-B connector, Support RJ12 connector, and it has a dedicated external power supply circuit, etc. With a piece of RJ12 reverse cable, my design can be directly connected with board developed for ICD2.

My design has been on production since Sept-2007. Some fans on the PIClist have used it for quite a while and enjoy it. Check out customer comments for many excited feedbacks.

A limited life-time warranty is provided for fully assembled units (BB0703 (PICkit2)).

Funny N.
Au Group Electronics, New Bedford, MA, http://www.AuElectronics.selfip.com

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Any english version for this URL ?

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