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Thread: Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use
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> The
> other problem is the dependence of USB voltage for some PICs.

I tell the students not to use unpowered hubs, and when a laptop has
problems to try a powered hub.

Also for laptops there is a setting 'power save on USB' or something
like that (details are somewhere in my sheets and/or notes) that needs
to be disabled.

I integrated all (programmer, target, peripherals) on one PCB because
this is for a class of (Technical-) Informatics students: they must
learn to understand and program an existing circuit, adding extra
circuitry is for bonus points. So it makes sense to have a one-cable
one-pcb solution. You'd be amazed what problems they can still create
with just that: "Heee Wouter, the power LED is on but I can't program
the PIC!" "Geee, maybe it would help if you put that USB cable into
*your* PC?"

For electronics engineering students we use an ARM board (LPC2148 -
designed by another teacher) that has some peripherals on the pcb but
more emphasis on the possibility of adding extra hardware. For EE
students the focus is on low-level programming (assembler, timed loops,
peripheral chip interfacing, etc) and designing peripheral hardware.
Nice detail: that ARM board has a 16F630 acting as keypad controller :)

Wouter van Ooijen

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