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Thread: Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use
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On 2/1/08, wouter van ooijen <KILLspamwouter.....spamKILLspamvoti.nl> wrote:
> The (lack of a) bleeder on the USB power was a major problem with the
> earlier pickit, I am still not convinced the current one solves it under
> all circumstances. For the target power you should either have a
> small-value bleeder or a shorting transistor, or forget about
> programming vpp-before-vdd chips. The trouble with using a bleeder is
> that its value depends on the capacitor in your target circuit...

Maybe an circuit which detects the attach/detach is necessary.
Not so sure if this will solve the problem. The other problem is the
dependence of USB voltage for some PICs. But to solve the problem
will increase the cost of PICkit 2 by quite a bit (like USBProg).
The firmware should also be updated (I think it is being updated)
to solve the bugs in the USB framework.

BTW, I think me your integrating PICkit 1/2 into the demo
board is a good idea.

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Subject (change) Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use

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