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Thread: Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use
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> That board look pretty cool :-)  Everything is on that board
> that is important to learn pic programming and even includes
> the PicKit2. Was that designed specially for the lab in your
> university?

I designed (and build!) it for my PIC assembly class. It this the 3d
version, 1 had a pickit1 clone and was much smaller, 2 had interfaces
for an ethernet (never got that to work) and an analog joystick (which
are hard to find mowadays), which were replaced by the H-bridge in the
latest version (things that can roam around are always great fun). It
still has some problems with the firmware in the 18F2550 mysteriously
failing, so there will be a few changes for next years' version.

> I just told him your thoughts, he said R13 was chosen as the
> same value was in the upgraded version on the original
> PicKit2 (R34 on that schematics). R1 could be smaller he
> says, but in that way the current consumption was a bit
> higher. I think the original uses a fet for pulling it to the
> ground, it may be better to do that here too.

The (lack of a) bleeder on the USB power was a major problem with the
earlier pickit, I am still not convinced the current one solves it under
all circumstances. For the target power you should either have a
small-value bleeder or a shorting transistor, or forget about
programming vpp-before-vdd chips. The trouble with using a bleeder is
that its value depends on the capacitor in your target circuit...

Wouter van Ooijen

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