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Thread: Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use
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Hi Wouter,

For my clone (used in http://www.voti.nl/hvu/2TPRJ5/index.html - page is
> dutch dutch only,

Don't worry, Google Translator makes a pretty good job on it ;-)
Unfortunately I have to translate it even though my father was born in

> but this file with the schematics is in english:
> http://www.voti.nl/hvu/2TPRJ5/DB037.doc ) I used a resonator instead of
> a crystal + capacitors. I am not sure if this is within USB spces, but
> so far no problem.

That board look pretty cool :-)  Everything is on that board that is
important to learn pic programming and even includes the PicKit2. Was that
designed specially for the lab in your university?

He uses a 100n C on Vubs, I think uChip requires 470n.

Yes, that should be changed for sure, I think the datasheet says 220nF so
100nF is not the best choice for sure.

The bleeders R1 and R13 are rather high, I would go for 1k or maybe even
> 470R.

I just told him your thoughts, he said R13 was chosen as the same value was
in the upgraded version on the original PicKit2 (R34 on that schematics). R1
could be smaller he says, but in that way the current consumption was a bit
higher. I think the original uses a fet for pulling it to the ground, it may
be better to do that here too.

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Subject (change) Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use

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