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Thread: Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use
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> > 2. The variable Vdd is missing, so only 5V parts can be programmed with
> this
> This does not make much sense. It limits the usage of PICkit 2.

That's true actually. As far as I know the original goal was to make this
clone as simple as possible, while still do the job perfectly - and as
Szilva said this is for hobbyists who are mainly use 5V parts only. Well,
who builds this one has to keep this limitation in mind.

By the way, what is to be gained from this compared to the original
> PICkit 2? What will be the cost? The original PICkit 2 has kind of
> "cuteness" factor which all the clones do not have. IMHO,
> it is not worth the efforts to clone a PICkit 2 in most places. No offence
> intended but the existing PICkit 2 clones are ugly at best compared to
> the original.

No, the cost is not in the first place but the fun as all the hobby projects
are. And personally I like variations, like clones as those are sometimes
explores something useful. For example as he uses mosfet for Vpp pump it's
might be better but might not. Anyway, building such a clone is good for
example to my son, so he learns etching, soldering, testing etc whilst doing
it so. And finally he could get a device that he can use for learning pic

The only thing which might make some senses is to incorporate
> the PICkit 2 design into some demo boards.

Yes, that is something to consider too.

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