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Thread: Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use
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> He's delighted to hear any comments, criticism or suggestion -

For my clone (used in http://www.voti.nl/hvu/2TPRJ5/index.html - page is
dutch dutch only, but this file with the schematics is in english:
http://www.voti.nl/hvu/2TPRJ5/DB037.doc ) I used a resonator instead of
a crystal + capacitors. I am not sure if this is within USB spces, but
so far no problem.

He uses a 100n C on Vubs, I think uChip requires 470n. The bleeders R1
and R13 are rather high, I would go for 1k or maybe even 470R.

Wouter van Ooijen

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docent Hogeschool van Utrecht: http://www.voti.nl/hvu

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Subject (change) Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use

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