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Thread: Simplified PicKit2 clone for hobby use
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Hi All,

The friend of mine, Szilva has just made a simplified PicKit2 clone for
hobby users and he asked me to drop a mail here if someone has thoughts
about his design. The main purpose was to be able to build it by
through-hole parts, and anyhow that is simple enough to build it at home by
every hobbyist. It uses the "normal" USB B connector so that the cable is
easier to find at home, so each components a little bit bigger than you can
find in the original device, however, the size of the PCB is quite the
similar. The circuit compatible with the MC PicKit2 firmware, however, you
can use other crystal than 20MHz - you have to set the PLL differently of
course (for example he tested it using 12MHz, with PLLDIV 3 with success).


There are two major difference between this and the original PicKit2:

1. There is no EEPROM as it is not used at the moment

2. The variable Vdd is missing, so only 5V parts can be programmed with this

In the meantime he used mosfets for Vpp pump, and although he put the clamp
diode D2, he said it can be eliminated as it reduces voltage level. He also
tried couple of different value of coils, with 1mH was using a bit less
current than with 470uH, however, the difference is not that huge - he
recommends to use the original value of 680uH though.

He's delighted to hear any comments, criticism or suggestion - I am trying
to get him here, so hopefully he will subscribe to be able to read your
messages <grin>.

<492f1420801301729w41ce10fdn700c486154fbe243@mail.gmail.com> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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