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Thread: Latest On ICD2s _NOT_ working, etc: FIXED
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I run AVG and have no issues at all with MPLAB or ICD2 or PICKIT2 devices

Bob Axtell <KILLspamengineerEraseMEspamRemoveMEcotse.net> wrote:  The IT department had installed AVG 7.5 on all machines, but
told me that AVG could be completely disabled from the front
ICON. So, we ran tests with AVG ICON ON and then OFF,
and still nothing worked.

On a hunch, I completely removed AVG 7.5 from my machine
completely. Now all the ICD2's work perfectly.

You folks with AVG might want to MARK this post.

--Bob Axtell
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Subject (change) Latest On ICD2s _NOT_ working, etc: FIXED

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