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Thread: Latest On ICD2s _NOT_ working, etc: FIXED
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William "Chops" Westfield wrote:
>>> I always remove Antiviruses when something is not
>>> working properly on PCs where it should...
> Removing the IT department's anti-virus protection on
> workplace computers is usually rather frowned upon.  I
> think here it is considered something that they can get
> officially angry about if they want to.  ("Willful
> Violation of the Information Security Policy", etc.)
> I'd be curious to know why AVG seems to break things, and
> whether it has configuration that can be modified to stop
> the breakage.  Does it have any logging that you can read
> through?
> BillW
We will let the IT guys try to sort it out. But at least for two of
their 9 PC's, the
ICD2s work fine.

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Subject (change) Latest On ICD2s _NOT_ working, etc: FIXED

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