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Thread: Latest On ICD2s _NOT_ working, etc: FIXED
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AVG does have a history log, but it doesn't show offending file name.
AVG does tell you the offending file name when it finds it, and then
what you want to do. I have been using AVG for several years with much
less issues than Norton, and before that Symantec. I don't know exactly
which is keeping me safe, but I have a Zoom X6 ADSL router with wireless
(haven't used  yet), Zonealarm firewall, AVG, Spybot, Adaware, and
spyware blaster. I run the tests every week or 2. The biggest issues are
Zonealarm with it asking to allow new (or updated) software to access
the web (and you can choose one time or always) and Spybot asking for
permission on registry changes. I do not disable anything for installs.
The only possible install issue might have been CD/DVD burning, but NERO
8 went in and flew just fine recently with no disabling. I do use MPLAB,
but my burner is the Microengineering EPIC parallel for the small stuff
I do, though thinking of getting something more versatile since I like
the bigger chips with to UARTS for future projects.

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Subject (change) Latest On ICD2s _NOT_ working, etc: FIXED

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