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Thread: Repost: PV OptoIsolator / MOS Driver Info
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My post of yesterday never showed up. Here it is again:

The MOS Drivers are made of opto-isolated PV cells
internally wired in series. These allow you to DIRECTLY
turn on and off any power MOSFET through an isolated

My favorite is Toshiba's TLP191B. With 2500v RMS of
isolation, the device, 1/4 the size of a 4N26, can deliver
over 20VDC with 5V applied tio the input thru a 330 ohm
resistor. While its spec says "min 7VDC" of output, it actually
delivers quite a bit more; I needed a 220K load resistor to
speed up on/off times and to prevent overdriving my power

--Bob Axtell
<47629D89.50405@cotse.net> 7bit

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Subject (change) Repost: PV OptoIsolator / MOS Driver Info

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