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Thread: Programming for minimal energy consumption?
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On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 03:58:49PM +0100, Matthew Rhys-Roberts wrote:
> Is anyone here interested in writing code that consumes the minimum
> possible power? e.g. Variable clock speeds, making use of
> wake-on-interrupt type features instead of endless loops waiting for an
> event, etc.
> I wonder how to get this sort of thing to catch on in popularity.

I've done a decent amount of that stuff, but usally it's nothing more
than sleeping and wait for an interrupt, otherwise I don't use, or know
of, any tricks to keep power down. Only thing is I've heard running at
high speed, IE 8mhz, and doing whatever task quickly is better than
running at low speed, never measured it myself though.

I did once have to run a PIC at 1mhz rather than 8mhz to save power, but
that was primarily because I messed up on my power dissipation
calculations for my 7805 and it was getting too hot. Easier to just slow
down the oscillator than change the code to use sleeps and what not.

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