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Thread: My work at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
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On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 07:53:10PM -0400, Randy Glenn wrote:
> I was lucky enough to make it down today to see some of Peter's work,
> which was quite impressive. The light recorder, I thought, was
> particularly interesting. If you get a chance to look at his work,
> definitely do so, or at least take a look at his website.


Speaking of the Light Recorder... Sometime last year I remember someone
asking about the Cholesteric LCD screen I use in them. Well, just want
to say they seem to work great, are available in small quantities, and
go for around $100 for a 320x240 screen, quantity one. Just make you you
don't get one of their older screens, the interface to them is overly
complex and a real pain to work with, I never figured it out myself. The
SPI interface ones I use are pretty simple though, much more like
conventional LCD screens.

GPLed source code to drive them as well as electrical schematics, pcb
layouts and the like, is available at my monotone server, mtn.pkt.io,
under the io.pkt.art.light-recorder branch; or just ask me.

My only complaint really is one of the three lcd screens I'm using seems
to have a dead column. It's mostly dark, except for a ~15 pixel high
"roving" band of normal pixels. Don't know if I just got unlucky or

> I didn't spot the rigged demo, though - the spiral clock seemed to be
> without power, but that was about it.

Maybe I'll make a great salesman one day... :)

The Alternate Pace work, Meter Clock, and Spiral Clock were all rigged
demo's to some extent. Spiral Clock was actually off as I need to recut
the spiral as that little ball gets stuck in the inner part of the
spiral. With Alternate Pace I manged to get epoxy on all the switches on
both instances I made. Fortunately the backup super-caps powering the
RTC were working very well, so I never had to set the time! Finally with
the Meter Clock I had it fixed by the time you saw it, but on the first
day I had finished up the wiring just before getting to the art show and
found I'd both bought MTA-100 connectors rather than Molex KK, and when
I did it with wire-wrap instead and mixed up hours and minutes. So I just
let lots of little kids play with it (gotta love anti-vandal buttons) so
the time would never be right anyway...

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