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Thread: FET switch voltage drop
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>> Always the detail man Wouter!
>It never hurts to verify. In some contexts 2A would be considered
>a small current...
>> I checked the docs - looks like it's 57mA.
>I recall you were switching 3.3V - so take care which FET you take
>('default' FETs require ~ 8V to switch fully on) , but I think 1 Ohm
>RDSon (57 mV drop) should be no problem.

On the other hand selecting something from this table might be advantageous

http://www.zetex.com/3.0/3-3-2b.asp?rid=21 especially the three in the lower
block which have Vgs=1.8V figures.

<092701c771dd$e69b3170$1979f682@space.rl.ac.uk> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power.htm?key=voltage
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