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>> > It just kept going up that hill, despite the steepness, despite the
>> > altitude. It REALLY proved to me how much better a diesel car can be.
>> They generally have a lot of torque at low rpms,
>See, that's what really got me, it was GUTLESS below about 2500rpm. I
>always thought diesels had great torque on the low end, but not this
>one. Can't explain it, but from 2500-3500 she was great.

I used to have a VW Polo Estate Diesel, 1.9L IIRC, which had nice low end
torque. The wife managed to damage it, and because of its age became not
economic to repair, so replaced it with a Ford Focus 1.9L diesel. The Focus
doesn't have the same low end torque that the VW had, I suspect it is
designed to be more of a performance engine. When pottering along at 30mph I
have to be 1 gear lower on the box than the VW for the engine to be happy.
It does have great top end speed though, had it up to 125mph recently in
Germany with the foot not quite pedal to the metal, so may have got another
5mph out of it.

I suspect this difference is part of designing the engines to be better
replacements for petrol ones, so that performance differences in terms of
acceleration and top speed are less noticeable to the "average" car buyer,
and hence the diesel becomes more attractive, instead of being treated with
scorn as a "tractor" or "London taxi".

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