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Thread: SX/B Help example on 3x5 matrix keypad - coding to SEROUT
BY : tdg8934

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I did more testing and I beleive the SXKEY is ok as I can program and debug in my SX28 (PDB) ok. It appears that I can program in my SX52 protoboard too but the programs don't really do anything and if I go into DEBUG mode I always get the ghosted out STEP, WALK, RUN and it says it is sleeping. I probably fried the SX52 somehow. Luckly I bought 2 but the bad thing is that I have many LED ribbon cable wires soldered to RA, RB, RC, RD and RE. Unsoldering this weekend and try it again with the other board.

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Subject (change) SX/B Help example on 3x5 matrix keypad - coding to SEROUT

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