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Thread: Obituary - John Backus, FORTRAN team leader
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>Similarly when dealing with pointers, I fine the "one line"
>much more understandable, i.e.:
>if ((file_handle=fopen(stuff)) == NULL)
>printf ("File open failed!");
>   /* do c stuff with file */
>This is personal opinion though.
>All I'll add, is despite how "dangerous" some people claim C
>is, it's extremely wide spread use seems to indicate that the
>danger level is acceptable.

I suspect there are two things here about figuring that the danger level is

1. Any good C programmer will recognise the dangers of the construct

2. Many C programmers would run the program by one of the many versions of
Lint to make sure they don't have any stupid typos that they have missed
(like a single = before the NULL).

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