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Thread: : [TECHO] Armadillo Space Access 07 video
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Videos of "Real Rocket Ships" of the type that would make
Flash Gordon proud ! :-)

Almost any 'true engineer' and all children (of any age) will find
these inspiring and exciting.

Strangely, they don't seem to include any footage of any of the
crashes along the way :-).

If you have *any* interest in the efforts of the Alternative Space
Community and their efforts to achieve low cost alternative access to
orbit and beyond then try and afford the bandwidth needed to download
these marvellous videos of John Carmack's Armadillo Aerospace's
efforts as they evolve from a dustbin size "lander" hovering in a
carpark to the current awesome prototypes which didn't quite manage to
achieve the NASA 'Lunar Lander' challenge benchmark - next year!
(No rocket ship ever built to date has EVER managed to meet the
requirements of the Lunar Lander challenge - including the original
Lunar Landers. So John's craft have more performance capability than
the original Moon Landers).

Animations show how the present "Quad" design forms the basis for a
vertical half quad module intended to lead to a multi module multi
stage orbit capable craft. (16 half-quads in 1st stage, 4 half-quads
in second stage, one half-quad in 3rd stage.

For me one of the most awe inspiring camera shots is looking down from
the Pixel / Texel lander as they descend from altitude onto NASA's
target landing pad.

The workshop shots showing assembly and how much hardware is involved
are extremely interesting.

The high resolution version is substantially nicer to watch if you can
tolerate the file size.

Visitors - ask to see the video. You won't be disappointed.



high bandwidth version (62 megs):

low bandwidth version (19 megs)

John Carmack

<011401c7700e$77fed170$d201a8c0@y2k> 7bit

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