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Thread: shareware / software copy protection
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>So PCs are now just GUI engines, clickety-click servers, connections
>to the world, and power supplies.  Applications are shipped with
>their own processors since they are small and much cheaper than
>the IP in the application.

Well, if a web application is used, then all the PC is doing is being a GUI
interface ;)

And for a lot of things these days, on many peoples desks the PC isn't doing
much more than I am suggesting. Think in terms of a front end to an SQL
database somewhere else, a means of getting at email on a corporate server,
a means of displaying something got from somewhere out on the web, if Google
and others have their way it will be a front end for all office applications

The way we (as in us engineers) use PCs as an instrument in their own right
is a very small percentage of the way the world works.

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