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Thread: shareware / software copy protection
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>> But for what started this thread, I do wonder if a dongle containing an
>> 18F or 30F PIC doing a calculation on the data may well be a viable
>> way of doing things
>That's what I was thinking. DES3 may be overkill, perhaps TEA ?

I wasn't thinking that, I was working on the basis that the input data
stream is fed to the PIC in the dongle, the data gets manipulated by the PIC
into the G-code form, and then fed back to the host program to stick in a
suitable file somewhere.

Now none of the relevant calculations that are the basis of the whole
program are done in the easily got at software. They are all hidden in the
dongle, and the data path has to go through the dongle, so there is no way
past it.

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