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Thread: shareware / software copy protection
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>> I still think that most of those protection schemes are generated
>> by novices who think the know the process. That's why they are so
>> easily broken.
>I'd have to partially disagree. I can't believe that technologies like
>ACSS and HDCP were "generated by novices". I'm certain, given the money
>spent, that MANY experts were involved.

One of the problems with a scheme such as the media protection systems is
that they need to be able to be decrypted on the fly. This implies that some
form of block encryption is needed, with a decryption system easily
implemented in a single chip somewhere late in the media chain. This in turn
restricts the available encryption schemes. Would you be prepared to wait 30
seconds from pressing play to having the DVD start to show the copyright
scheme on screen? People would soon vote with their $ by going for something

Such restrictions on the schemes available must in turn play into the
hackers hands when it comes to attempting to crack such a scheme.

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