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Thread: shareware / software copy protection
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>> Someone mentioned dongles & co breaking down. I doubt a
>> dongle has any greater or lesser chance of failure than a HDD
>> or mobo that the s/w may be registered to.
>Hehe, right, but a MB or HD can be bought about 5 minutes away from me
>for minimal $. The dongle?
>> Including (or supplying
>> on request) a back-up dongle would be the answer
>So, I just sit on my hands, watch my customers walk away, miss a bunch
>of deadlines, waiting, hoping, the replacement dongle comes, of course
>only after I wait for the next business day to REQUEST the replacement

But if the software is locked to a NIC, HDD or motherboard, you are still
going to have to wait till the next business day to get a new unlock code.

>Sorry, but that is no acceptable to me. Aside from that fact that
>you are FORCING me to pay for the development of a dongle, you are
>GREATLY increasing my risk that the software won't do the job when
>I need it. No thanks. I'll go with the vendor that doesn't treat me
>like a criminal after I give THEM money.

Is it you they are treating like a criminal, or the burglar or employee of
yours that does the actual theft?

Perhaps one way out of this is to have software which will allow a copy to
have a short term trial period where it is fully functional, and then
degrades to limited functionality. I bought a software package recently
where the program works in full mode for 10 days, then reverts to demo mode
(doesn't save, and other limitations) until an unlock code is entered. The
code can take two forms, an online registration, or an off line registration
where you send a code that identifies the machine hardware combination, and
you get sent an unlock code back. Both modes have a means of de-registering
that machine and transferring the licence to another machine. Not ideal if
the hardware goes belly up, but a phone call to the vendor is normally
enough to sort it out. Meanwhile installing the software on the replacement
machine gives 10 days to get the registration reset.

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