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Thread: Would this be a useful feature in a micro PLC?
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Well, at work we're adding PLC functionality to our temperature
control units, doing (at least for now) ladder logic.

We have a 16-bit ADC with support circuitry, and can do a 24-bit ADC
if we need to.  However, this is a fairly slow ADC (as low as 8 samples
per second).

However, I'm saying that, if we are going to allow users PLC-type
programmability, we should also give them some kind of access
to the on-board ADC.  While it is only 10-bits (and figure 8 bits
with noise and whatnot), they can have kilohertz update frequences.

The EE says that it would be "useless" unless the surrounding
circuity was designed for a specific application.  I'm saying that
we don't know what they will want to do, so we should give them
maximum flexibility, even if that means that they have to add an
external opamp (beyond our onboard opamp / buffer).

Your thoughts?


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