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Thread: Busibess Methods,was Small-Production PCB Manufacturer Experiences.
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>Growing a business if far from a trivial exercise, and many
>companies fail trying to do it.  Ask me how many cisco Founders
>were left a year or so after the VC money showed up...

I would agree with this sentiment. A guy I used to know was looking at
setting up a delivery business. He told me that you ended up having to be a
one van shop doing it all yourself, or had to leap to be a 10 van outfit,
and he would be in the office all day organising everything. Anywhere in
between meant long hours because he couldn't do any part of the job
properly, you needed to get to a certain size to maintain enough turnover to
pay for the overhead of a person to do the "organising". I suspect this is
where many small businesses trying to grow fall over.

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Subject (change) Busibess Methods,was Small-Production PCB Manufacturer Experiences.

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