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>What if maximizing profit was NOT "at the expense of everything
>else", would you accept the idea?

Depends how it is done. The current thinking seems to run along the lines of
holding pay rises to well below inflation rates, but expecting ever higher
percentages of profit.

If everyone gets a fair share I don't have a problem with the "maximising
profit" mantra, but it does seem that it is being done at the expense of
those providing the material that makes the profit. One of the examples of
this is the way supermarkets screw down the supplier price to below economic
levels, but the supermarket is making the highest percentage profit on an
item in the whole chain from original supplier to the customer. This is not
letting each stage in the chain have a "fair share".

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In these times then yes I would agree that one is probably better being paid
a higher wage, and deciding where to have your home. But at the time that
Cadbury built the village it would have been unusual for the normal factory
worker to own their own home, it would have been rented accommodation
somewhere. What the Cadbury company did was build a village that had a
quality of life far above the normal factory worker living standards.

With modern mobility I do agree with your point, although from the worker
point of view buying a house a fair distance away and then having to pay
travel costs, along with dealing with the travel time, is reducing the
quality of life. Unfortunately it also causes housing prices close to major
work centres to rise astronomically.

However current day workers do get some of the "benefits" that make
companies attractive to work for. Items like company vehicle, gym
membership, subsidised medical insurance, childcare allowances, etc,
sometimes done as a selection that the employee can choose from up to a
value, that allows the employee to maximise the benefits they get to suit
their lifestyle. These would be valid substitutes for the "Cadbury village"
benefit of that time.

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