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Thread: practical course about electronics
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>1) There's a fear on the part of the prof that for many, whatever
>theory and math he/she is teaching may be the only exposure you'll
>ever get in that particular topic, but there's plenty of 'real life'
>work you'll do, so with limited time they just cram as much of the
>math rigor as possible into the time allotted. That's the noble reason.

Possibly. But if that really is the case, then the course is rather badly
constructed in the way the units are allocated, or selected, against the end

>2) They had to do it the hard way, so you will too. That's probably
>the more common reason ;)  From bricklayer to plumber to EE PhD, there
>are still rights of passage to getting the coveted credentials...

Maybe, but they could also have done the learning, been out in the world,
and found they needed that math ...

3) They could just be excellent at the subject, and cannot understand why
these dumb students cannot understand what is being taught. Having been
through a level 2 math course last year, with the aim of working towards a
BEng, it was evident that all the lecturers knew the subject every which
way, but some could explain it better than others. In some cases I found the
course materials very confusing, yet other parts of it were excellent at
explaining the concepts. At least I now have a concept of what div, curl and
grad are, even if I don't use them. It at least gives me a starting point on
understanding what some math whiz at work may come out with, so I can see
that it isn't a dose of rubbish, and I'm not being led up the garden path
with a new version of cold fusion ...

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