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Thread: [ADMIN] A new topic tag has been added - [ARM]
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> It also occurs to me that your main objective is to allow for
> dumping even
> more off the wall posts onto the list.

It may occur to you but it occurs wrongly.
You may, but may not have noted that I mentioned [WOT] at the end as a
joke and made no representations about it. My interest is, and always
has been, in having something like [TECHO] to make people like
yourself and James (not of course to mention me :-) ) happier.

It's not obvious to me (as you'd expect) why my example definitions
are unclear. They seem to me, fwiw, to be a fairly clear progression

   specific topics / electrical engineering / technology / other.

It's not clear what's not clear about that.

> Why should MIT or anyone else pay
> for bandwidth for WOT?  That would be a bunch of useless babble
> between
> excessively bored get-a-lifers.  Aren't there already lots of web
> forums for
> Kaffee Klatsches?

Don't know what relevance whatsoever that has to what I said but,
seeing you asked, I'm surprised that anyone would pay for most of what
goes on  on the net, and one man's worthwhile topic is another woman's
utter waste of time, but in fact WOT, which I, you may or may not
recall, made no representations about whatsoever, would probably help
keep troublesome subjects further away from the technical threads. We
could for example relegate to it all baiting of newcomers to the list,
abuse of people for having opinions that differ from somebody else's,
mentions of deceased marine creatures and states of lunar occultation,
and thereby improve overall list harmony immensely.

> [RUSSEL] - Brief discussion and links to the dregs from recent web
> surfing.

That would be [RUSSELL] to you (or [MR RUSSELL] if you prefer).
Try them, you'll like them. You'll find that almost any of my 'dregs'
that appear under [EE] are liable to improve your horizons and mental
capacity for new thought. Those under [OT] maybe not :-)

       [MR RUSSELL]

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