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Thread: What type of pogo pin?
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>one suggestion i've seen is to use some form of small surface
>mount connector for development then on production models don't
>populate it and use the pads it sat on for pogo pin programming..

One possibility I am looking at is to have the plug as part of the PCB, just
like an edge connector without gold plating, so that it will plug into an RJ
socket. The socket will need to have packing to make up the thickness of a
normal RJ plug, and the PCB may need sluts to accommodate the sides of the
socket to help keep it all aligned, but the slots could be minimised by
cutting out a significant portion of the sides of the RJ socket.

I was envisaging using a telephone cable socket-socket joiner for making
long extension cables out of two short ones as the sacrificial socket that
gets hacked.

Then with this arrangement you end up with some 50 thou wide 50 thou space
tracks that mate with the RJ socket or could be contact points in a jig for
pogo pins. The tracks do need to be about 5mm long so pogo pins could be
staggered in a jig.

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