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Thread: WDATA / DATA statement bit shifting
BY : tdg8934

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Yes thats correct. I was going too far beyond the scope of my original question of the SX28 and SX52 so I thought I should open a new posting.

I can currently scroll LEFT and UP using a technique from the Parallax RobOylmpic coding - on my 16x16 LED display. I can also make this code scroll on either the left or right side (16x8 leds) OR top or bottom side (8x16 leds).

Scrolling from the right to the left looks good but scrolling up shows the letters in the same direction and mirrored or flipped. I thought each letter should face upwards if scrolling up. This means I can add an additional set of data statements for all of the letters meaning I would have to had fixed each letter DATA statment manually (e.g. rotate 90 degrees is what I mean) - OR I can use the same DATA statements I have for scrolling LEFT and just do some math on each letter before it gets displayed.

Here is my  latest code if you want to give it a look.

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Subject (change) WDATA / DATA statement bit shifting

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