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Thread: : [TECHO] The Air Car - zero pollution and very lowrunningcosts- gizmag Article
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> http://www.theaircar.com/faq.html#p7 suggests a pressure of 300bar
> in the tanks.  Then they emphasise safety by saying it's the same
> type of tank used for LPG storage in busses.  Hmm, IIRC LPG vapour
> pressure is about 12bar at nominal 25C temperature...
> Some interesting stuff on the engine on that website however,
> especialy the atriculated con rod linkage.  It's only a two stage
> engine though.

300 bar ~~= 4500 psi / 30 MPa - that's VERY high by almost any
standards. And it would take rather specialist compression equipment
I'd imagine. Plus, only two stage expansion seems rather too little
for such extremes of pressure. That's about 17:1 per stage at full
pressure, declining markedly as pressure drops. The large change in
pressure ratio is also liable to provide interesting challenges.

Overall, a good trick if they can really accomplish it.


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