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Thread: [ADMIN] A new topic tag has been added - [ARM]
face BY : Russell McMahon email (remove spam text)

> As before, the effort to police posts in ARM is expected to be MUCH
> less
> than trying to help people understand the fine line between EE, OT,
> WOT,
> TECHNO, and FUNK. Adding EE caused more, not less, work for us
> admins. The
> next person who crys for another topic tag, unrelated to a specific
> microcontroller, had better follow it up with an offer to help admin
> the
> list.

> IN OTHER WORDS: You think you can run the list better?

Of course not. Never said or suggested. Of course :-)

> Fine! Run it your damn self.

Tsk, tsk, tsk  :-).
The children cry for bread and are fed rocks :-(.
If I can assist in some manner in [TECHO] or maybe even [TECH] (not
[TECHNO] please :-) ) and [EE] delineation then mayhaps I could. I
probably cause many of the [EE] queries by people who don't understand
[EE] as "everything engineering" which is a fine concept but a rather
foreign one to most people.

I have been a long long long time supplicant for [TECHO] or equivalent
and I have never understood the resistance to it.

You have a descending hierarchy where eg more general tag has an
easily defined subject and excludes everything above it.

PIC AVR ARM ...        all things principally related to these

[EE] Anything dealing with "electrical engineering" outside

[TECHO] All things technical of interest to engineers but not
principally about electrical engineering or PIC etc

Then [OT] becomes eg "All things not dealing with electrical
engineering or technical matters in any way"  leaves the rest.
You can add such caveats to that as you wish.  eg Not hate speech,
personal abuse or flaming under any circumstances (except by .....
where it is marginally tolerated under protest) and NO sex, religion,
warfare, politics except where initiated by and only while condoned by

I'd guess that eg Global Warming can sneak well enough into [TECHO]
(although it's also got elements of religion on both sides)(but then,
most things have).

Having the continuum:

       [OT] [TECHO] [EE]  [ PIC | ARM | AVR | ...]

seems to double buffer PIC from OT, which seems often enough the area
of most dispute and annoyance. People who are hard core PIC only
subscribers complain about having their tag used for almost anything
that doesn't include the mention of PIC or PIC code every paragraph,
and this would seem to provide a more obvious playing field for those
who can't differentiate betwixt a PIC, a barrel shifter and a rain

Quite what the problem is I really can't see.
And I've never seen any explanation which didn't at core translate
down to "we don't want to".
Which, of course, is a perfectly fine explanation from a list owner

   your respectful list user,


Carburettors?        TECHO
Tarpits                    Probably techo
Triodes                    EE
Trampolines            TECH or OT depending on the perspective.
Eggbeaters            TECHO or maybe EE if electric and that's the
6500 uP                EE (or ARM if you are talking history)
Trilobites              Probably TECHO

EE                    book on vhdl
TECHO            fire prevention by deoxygenation
EE                        xxx data sheet
EE                    RDS format
EE                    BIT Torrent DRM ...
EE                    Data projector bulbs
TECHO            Mil spec for submarine porthole cleaners
TECHO            Make mistakes ... (prob not OT)
TECHO            Glenbrook steam festival
TECHO            DIY camera sensor cleaning
TECHO            Awesome spiral galaxy images
TECHO            Google labs
TECHO            Simulated satellite cam
EE                    Factors affecting HDD longevity
EE                    Jelly bean mosfets
TECHO            G Drive ...
TECHO            Legitimate Vista activation extension.

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