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Thread: Where have all the minds gone?
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On 3/17/07, Howard Winter <EraseMEHDRW.....spamh2org.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> This reminds me of an insurance system of which I was on the development team a
> number of years ago.  When setting up the test data, I put in a entry in the "Disease"
> table of "Terminal Halitosis".  A couple of years later I was browsing through the live
> system, and found that entry was still in there!  I did a quick query to check that no
> claims actually cited that, and they didn't, but I decided not to delete it anyway, just
> in case...
> (In case anyone isn't familiar with the term, Halitosis is bad breath, and I'm fairly
> sure it's never been fatal!  :-)

Not to the patient, anyway...   :)


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