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Thread: : Fire prevention by partial deoxygenation of air
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Fire prevention by partial deoxygenation of air.

This is for data centres but should have applications elsewhere.

Nitrogen flooding during a fire may be practical - replace fire
consumed O2 with N2 to redcue influx of new air and keep O2 at people
safe but fire starving levels.



They say:

Wood stops burning when the oxygen content falls to 17% and plastic
cables between 16 to 17%

Wagner makes electric compressors that use a special membrane to
remove some of the oxygen from the outside air, a system the company
calls OxyReduct. The excess oxygen is exhausted, and the remaining
nitrogen-rich air is pumped inside the data centre.

At 15% oxygen, it's safe for humans to enter. The lower oxygen content
of the air is similar to being at an altitude of about 6,000 feet,
Eickhorn says. He demonstrates with a lighter inside a sealed atrium
Wagner has on display at Cebit. It won't light.

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