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Thread: Faster than the speed of light...
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On 3/14/07, Hector Martin <spamBeGonehectorspamspamspam_OUTmarcansoft.com> wrote:
> John Ferrell wrote:
> > The following link addresses an instance of radiation traveling faster than the speed of light.
> > "Cerenkov Radiation comes from particles traveling at a speed greater than the speed of light in the medium in which they are moving."
> >
> > smthop.com/articles1details.asp?NewsNum=805
> >
> > There are other instances that I have run across that do not accept the speed of light as a limit.
> The limit is the speed of light in a vacuum, which is a constant, c. The
> speed of light in any other medium can be exceeded (as it is variable),
> it is the speed of light in a vacuum that can't. Exceeding the speed of
> light in a medium will cause nifty effects like Cerenkov Radiation, but
> it's certainly possible and commonplace around certain radioactive
> materials.

Yes, it is.  That's what causes the lovely blue glow around a nuclear
reactor sitting in it's water bath.  The particle radiation is exceeding the
speed of light in the local medium (water), though not the speed of
light in a vacuum.


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