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Thread: MultiSIM 9 schematic reader
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>I do know that MultiSim is a product of Electronics Workbench (EWB).
>EWB Tech support and responsiveness SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS - or at least it
>did before they were bought out by National Instruments. Maybe things
>got better, but I'm not about to give them a 7th or 8th chance. There
>is a reason you've never heard of these guys. Sorry guys (and gals)...
>I'm done whining now.

I was provided with a copy of EWB in about 98 to do some simulations and
found it horrible. I went to use a standard CMOS shift register for which
they provided a simulated part, and it did not work. I ended up replacing it
with a heap of standard flipflops wired as per the datasheet internal
diagram before the circuit would work correctly.

I too was most unimpressed with the package.

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