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Thread: Why bother with Assembly?
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At risk of continuing the thread ...

> > 3) USE less memory. Regardless of the language for HLL
> > it use plenty of memory of the MCU. Assembly is
> > compact in size therefore and USE less memory and ADD
> > in more features.
> Debatable. An asm beginner may use more memory than
> an beginner using
> a good compiler.

For a number of modern compilers I believe this is a red herring. It may
well have been true in the past, but as someone else has pointed out, there
are some very clever people making the compilers these days, and
contributors have commented here on how they have managed to get smaller
programs in C than they have in assembly, due to compiler optimizations.

The problem I have with going to an HLL is using it enough to keep in
practice with it. Using it for a one off project gets one familiar with some
features, and then the next time one comes to use it again, there is another
learning curve to get back the knowledge lost over time. I do feel that the
relearning curve is easier with ASM.

Maybe this will change with a couple of 18F projects I have in mind, where
having a no-cost compiler available makes one feel that there is nothing to
lose by attempting to do it in C, along with having some linkable libraries
available for I/O interfacing.

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