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Thread: Why bother with Assembly?
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> > what happens when you boss puts an Atmel MCU on your desk
> > and says "use this for this project"? I'm all for ASM, but I found
> > it locks you into a family too much, and I don't like that. Just my
> > opinion. TTYL
> That's true if you have a boss (that would do that, and I don't think
> I'd take too kindly to it), but I'm sure many micro users aren't given
> directions about which micro to use. Undoubtedly there are times
> when the project is run by the engineering or accounting department.
> Each to his own. I see no reason why you couldn't learn both ASM
> (first) and HLL (second)

I could see this happening in a company that does a programming contract for
another company that wishes to use a micro they already use in their
products, rather than change to a different chip or family. It may well
result in using a less than optimum chip for the job (could be too big or
too small), but purchasing considerations make it a viable deal where
switching chips in a cost sensitive environment may well kill the project.

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