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Thread: Why bother with Assembly?
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>> - PIC projects are often small enough not to get many benefits from
>> an HLL - for example a recent project I did was a "flickering candle",
>> it's about 20 lines of ASM, hardly worth going to C


>Statistics say that American programmers produce about 50 lines of
>'good' code per day (including debug time). So your asm program
>should have taken almost half a day,

His flickering candle would probably take about that long I would guess.

>and the C program a tenth of a day.

For a program of that size, I would suggest that it would probably also take
around half a day ...

I do seriously wonder how well the metric scales down to very small
programs. I can see that the metric would work for large programs, but to my
mind, when you come to small programs there are other things that would tend
to overshadow the generality of the metric.

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