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Thread: : "Where they are Gargoyling books,soon they will be Gargoyling men ..." ?
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"Google is testing a book search service in China that allows users to
search and read the full text of books.
The trial website, which went live on March 2, is the latest addition
to Google's Chinese search engine, Google.cn. As part of ongoing
efforts to attract more Chinese internet users to Google.cn, which
limits search results to satisfy Chinese government censors, the
company has been adding more features to the site.

A posting on Google's Chinese blog said the company has so far scanned
1 million books from around the world into its index, but relatively
few Chinese books are available. "In China, this mission has just
started, we still have a long way to go," the blog said. ... "


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The badly mangled misquote is from Elmansor written in 1821 by
Heinrich Heine (lived 1797-1856.)
Note the dates.

He's quoted here on an interesting albeit contentious page
http://www.cyberussr.com/hcunn/volkisch.html which examines the
extremes of censorship and its converse which occurred in another

The more general sense of the quote is usually taken, as here, as a
broad comment on censorship at various levels.
FWIW - I have substantial sympathy for some sorts of censorship. The
great difficulty is deciding where the boundaries are and who says so
and why.


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Subject (change) : "Where they are Gargoyling books,soon they will be Gargoyling men ..." ?

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