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Thread: Missing silicon errata ?
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> [1] "PIC16F5X Data Sheet" (DS41213C), PDF document
> Page 61, "11.0 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR PIC16F54/57", "Voltage on all
> other
> pins with respect to VSS ... -0.6V to (VDD + 0.6V)", "Input clamp current,
> (VI < 0 or VI > VDD) ... 20 mA"

Further to my previous reply, check the DC Characteristics, page 64. This is
the bit you are obviously missing.

What is the "Input Low Voltage" parameter? In the very first parameter on
the table the minimum is given as Vss - NOT Vss-0.6V. The next parameter for
"Input High Voltage" similarly gives Vdd - Not Vdd+0.6V.

So the data sheet is correct, and you are trying to operate the chip outside
the limits.

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