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Thread: : Bit Torrent to offer DRM's video content
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>> I submit that the intersection of people who need to change their
>> power supplies, and the people who can't deal with the non-standard
>> connector really OUGHT to be pretty close to zero.

> I don't think so!  I know dozens of people who would fit this,
> including myself.  Changing a power supply involves two tools: to
> unmount/mount it (a
> screwdriver) and to unplug and replug the connectors (finger & thumb
> Mk.1 !)  To change the pins around in the connector to match a
> nonstandard
> layout needs a lot of (double-checked) information on which pins
> need to be swapped, and tools to remove and insert the pins from the
> housing,
> which even I haven't got (and I have a *lot* of tools!).

And the smoke that comes out if you get one connection (two minimum
for a fully populated connector?) wrong can be the very very very
expensive sort.


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Subject (change) : Bit Torrent to offer DRM's video content

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