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Thread: : Data projector bulb costs
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>>The bulbs seem to cost a minimum of about $NZ400 and can go to over
>>$1000. It's not unusual to have  a$600 bulb in a $1200 projector.
>>is for a 150W - 200W halogen lamp.
> It is not a halogen lamp. Modern projectors use ultra-high pressure
> mercury lamps
> http://www.ercservice.com/lamps/philips/PhilipsUHPLamps.html

OK - ultra-high pressure mercury halogen oxygen lamp :-).

That's an extremely good page and answered many questions that I had.
It's written by a Philips man with a large axe to grind, but is still
It's taken the edge off my enthusiasm to "play", but also showed in
which areas playing is liable to be most fruitful.


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