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Thread: : Data projector bulb costs
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>> Except that the third party hasn't invested the million or so
>> dollars to
>> build
>> a bulb plant. And bulb specs are closely guarded secrets. Things
>> like the
>> gas
>> mixture and pressure are important to correct operation.

> Doesn't that prove my point? $100M for a plant that builds 1M bulbs,
> thats
> $100 per bulb. Add labour, materials, packaging, testing, profit of
> the
> factory, profit of the retailer... Not far fetched.

The bulbs seem to cost a minimum of about $NZ400 and can go to over
$1000. It's not unusual to have  a$600 bulb in a $1200 projector. This
is for a 150W - 200W halogen lamp.

Data Projectors are not an especially low volume item and are getting
more popular by the month.
Notwithstanding all the argument about factories and volumes and ...
something is wrong!

I will be investigating a bulb "rebuild" for a friend just to see what
is involved and will be interested in hearing from anyone who has
heard of this being done.

Cost of bulb ~~$500+.
Cost of used projector with bulb $700-$800
Chance of letting smoke out of eg DLP while playing = ???
Worth a try methinks.


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